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Editing Services

Facing a blank page alone can be daunting. Revising what you've already put on the page when you feel like you haven't found the best way to say what you know can also be difficult. What you need is a second pair of eyes, a creative ally, a trusted guide.

I can be that for you. I can be a sounding board and help you find the simplest, most direct way to make a point. I can help you develop your ideas and craft your words to most effectively reach your audience. I can also coach you on getting an agent and/or a book contract and on the process of writing your book.

My forty years in the book business have encompassed every kind of work on books, as both an author and an editor. I put this experience at your service in helping you write your winning proposal and craft your book.

I especially enjoy helping thought leaders and those who are articulating alternatives find the strongest way to convey their message.

See my write-up Six Keys to Writing Your Nonfiction Book. And if you think I can help, please contact me.

What authors and clients I’ve worked with have said: 

Michael Engelhard, Artic Traverse: A Thousand-Mile Summer in the Brooks Range (2024, Mountaineers Books): "Lorraine Anderson helped this project across its finish line with substantially more grace than I showed at mine in Kotzebue Sound. Lorraine exceeded the call of duty by also double- and triple-checking some facts."


Adrienne Edwards and Rachel Schleiger, Firescaping Your Home (2023, Timber Press): "Thanks to Lorraine Anderson for her careful editing, which turned our ideas into an accessible guide."


Sydney Eddison, The Sacred Ground of Home: Poems from a Country Life (2022, Pomperaug Valley Press): "I owe a huge debt of gratitude to editor Lorraine Anderson. . . . For her extraordinary skill and sensitivity, I am ever grateful."


Diana Brown Schmidt, Jump Without Fear: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Liberation (2022, Self-published): "I could not have asked for a better editor. From beginning to end, your exceptional skills, patience, and intuition helped me craft my story. You were always in sync with me as you polished, organized, and lifted the script to its best level."


Mary Reynolds, We Are the ARK (2022, Timber Press): "Many thanks are due to Lorraine Anderson for your gentle hand and patience with me in the edit."

Emily Murphy, Grow Now (2022, Timber Press): "Thank you again for your tireless help and support with the editing . . . thank you for believing in me and for your thoughtful guidance."


Mel Friedman, Where Spirit Touches Matter: A Journey Toward Wholeness (2022, Torchflame Books): "With nonjudgmental kindness and support, you helped nurture my writing into something more complete and coherent, and vastly beyond the depth of my skill set. You encouraged me and gave perspective and wisdom regarding my place within my own story, the place of others in my story, and how to celebrate the differences from others' stories."


R. Philip Bouchard, The Stickler's Guide to Science (2021, Timber Press): "It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with you on the editing of this book. The improvement in the wording of the text is amazing, and the presentation of the concepts has greatly improved in many locations. I feel quite fortunate that you were assigned to be the editor."


Mike Dempsey, managing editor, Timber Press: "It's always a joy/relief to be working with you. You make my job much easier." (April 2020)


Lee van der Voo, As the World Burns (2020, Timber Press): "I'm so grateful for the help you've given me these last weeks. I'm immensely thankful for your dedication and focus. There's just no doubt that you've improved this project immensely."


Daniel J. Hinkley, The Garden at Windcliff (2020, Timber Press): "It was pure pleasure working with my editor, Lorraine Anderson, who guided me with gentle questions to make my writing appear as if English were my first language."

Esta G. Bernstein, Changing Horses: One Woman's Journey Through Horse Racing, Horse Rescue, and Horse Reflection (2019, self-published): "You did an awesome job in record time and I am glad we had such a good flow. You allowed my voice to come through as I wanted it to, made my thought process more clear, and gave the book a very fulfilling ending. I do love the rearrangement."

Daniel Sperling, Three Revolutions: Steering Automated, Shared, and Electric Vehicles to a Better Future (2018, Island Press): "My deepest appreciation and admiration goes to Lorraine Anderson, who was my supereditor. She managed the collaborations with my coauthors from the very beginning, reined in my digressions, helped reorganize materials, and tightened up my writing. Without her, the book would have stretched twice as long in time and words."

Sydney Eddison, All the Luck (2017, CreateSpace): "As an editor, Lorraine Anderson is every writer’s dream, someone with the power of seeing into the heart of things. She always gets the point and also knows the rules. For her patience, understanding, and professionalism, I am deeply grateful."

Rebecca Warner, The Sustainable-Enough Garden (2015, CreateSpace): "She understood what I was trying to do even before I could fully define it. Her vision, optimism, kind teaching, wise editing, and organizational ability made all the difference."

Annie Martin, The Magical World of Moss Gardening (2015, Timber Press): "It has been such a pleasure to work with Ms. Anderson. She is an excellent editor and we established a good rapport."

John Daniel, author of eight books of poetry, essays, and memoir; winner of two Oregon Book Awards for Literary Nonfiction; contributor to Wild in the Willamette (2015, OSU Press): "From my end, it's a pleasure to be in the hands of a real editor who knows what she's doing. It's less common than you may think."

Jessica Walliser, Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden (2014, Timber Press): "To Lorraine Anderson, my careful and thoughtful editor: your professionalism has truly astounded me and your gentle guidance and kind words are so very much appreciated. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you. Let’s do it again someday!"

Jim Fox, The Right Plants, Tools, and Garden Supplies (2013, Timber Press): "Writing is editing as much as it is writing. What a privilege it has been to work with Lorraine Anderson, copy editor extraordinaire. Very lucky is the author who has her as a collaborator and teacher."

Debra Lee Baldwin, Succulents Simplified (2013, Timber Press): "I'll miss you, my Grammardian Angel. This book is significantly better because you were involved from the start. I read your recent comments and they're excellent and well-thought-out."

Penney Peirce, Frequency , The Intuitive Way , The Present Moment , and Dreams for Dummies : "I just want to thank you for the huge amount you did for me in helping me become a writer. I still think back on the quality of your editing and the clarity and compassion that was in it. Invaluable! You are a jewel." (February 2012)

Eve Goodman, managing editor, Timber Press: "It has been such a pleasure to work with you . . . . as always, calm, smart, positive — you are the best, Lorraine." (January 2012)

Joan Ogden, director, Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways Program, Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis, Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways: A Research Summary for Decision Makers (2011): "It has been absolutely great working with you! I've really enjoyed it all."

Gary Smith, From Art to Landscape (2010, Timber Press): "Amazing! What a journey we’ve had together, really really enjoyable. Will you edit every book I ever write? The rapport was wonderful and I feel great about what we’ve done. Thanks so much for being so understanding, intelligent, and creative.”

Vanessa Nagel, Understanding Garden Design (2010, Timber Press): “Thank you for being such a wonderful editor. You’ve made this process easy to understand and accomplish.”

Sydney Eddison, Gardening for a Lifetime (2010, Timber Press): “You are a fantastic editor. Thanks a thousand thanks. . . As for this book, which means so much to me, you have been incredibly patient, supportive, and helpful throughout. . . I can’t repeat often enough how much I appreciate your editing style. I am really grateful to have you and think that what you have done allows me to say it all better.”

Debra Lee Baldwin, Succulent Container Gardens (2010, Timber Press): "Lorraine is wonderful to work with -- detail-oriented, intelligent, courteous and professional. The writer/editor relationship has the potential to be difficult or delightful, and I'm so grateful Timber chose Lorraine!” Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

Keeyla Meadows, Fearless Color Gardens (2009, Timber Press): "I'd like to acknowledge and extend appreciation to . . . kindred spirit Lorraine Anderson for making the editing process so much fun."

Scott Ogden and Lauren Springer Ogden, Plant-Driven Design (2009, Timber Press): “Thanks to Lorraine Anderson for cleansing our unclear prose, catching our bad grammar, and for being the rare talented editor who sees both forests and their trees. She truly understands the meaning of Emerson’s quote, ‘A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.’”

Daniel Sperling and Deborah Gordon, Two Billion Cars: Driving Toward Sustainability (2009, Oxford University Press): “We owe a tremendous thank you to Lorraine Anderson for her superb editing skills. Working with two authors, each with their distinct voice and vantage point, is not an easy task. Lorraine was masterful at crystallizing both tone and content. This book underscores her diligence and intelligence. We would be lucky to work with her again!” Regarding my work on the afterword to the paperback edition: “This has been a wonderfully productive and high-quality partnership. It’s been fun, we’ve come up with a great product, and it’s been stress-free.”

Linda Beutler, Garden to Vase (2007, Timber Press): “After a 13-year career as both a magazine writer and book author, I have worked with a lot of editors. Lorraine Anderson is head-and-shoulders above everyone else with whom I have worked. She is cheerful, thoughtful, a superior proof-reader, and an excellent communicator. I hope to work with her again."

Chris Trimble, Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators (co-authored with Vijay Govindarajan, 2005, Harvard Business School Press): "I'm very grateful for the solid advice you gave early in this project. You are talented, and a pleasure to work with."

Rebecca Bence, Content Acquisition Editor, IBM developerWorks, Rational Software: “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lorraine for more than four years [1999-2003]. Lorraine is one of the most conscientious, dedicated, and detail-oriented editors in the industry. She always ensures content is of high quality before publishing, even when working under the most demanding deadlines. Any client would be lucky to work with her.”

Tom Garrison, Essentials of Oceanography , 2nd ed. (2001, Brooks/Cole): “The text was polished by . . . Lorraine Anderson, a copy editor so excellent she was in constant danger of becoming a co-author.”

John A. Jungerman, World in Process: Creativity and Interconnection in the New Physics (2000, State University of New York Press): “Lorraine Anderson deserves special mention for her careful editing; there was particular emphasis on deleting technical material so that basic ideas are presented as clearly as possible.”

Ian I. Mitroff, Richard O. Mason, and Christine M. Pearson, Framebreak: The Radical Redesign of American Business (1994, Jossey-Bass Inc.): "We also wish to acknowledge the fine editorial advice and efforts of Lorraine Anderson."  

Susan A. Basow, Gender Stereotypes and Roles , 3rd ed. (1992, Brooks/Cole Publishing Company): "I continue to appreciate working with the Brooks/Cole staff . . . . most especially, copyeditor par excellence Lorraine Anderson, who treated the manuscript with the love and care one expects only of the author."  

H. Paul Chalfant, Robert E. Beckley, and C. Eddie Palmer, Religion in Contemporary Society , 2nd ed. (1987, Mayfield Publishing Company): "Our copyeditor, Lorraine Anderson, has done a suberb job. Much of the credit for the improvements in this edition belongs to her, as they are the result of her skill, patience, and care."  

Mary Jo Weaver, Introduction to Christianity (1984, Wadsworth Publishing Company): “My copy editor, Lorraine Anderson, is smart and skillful and has in many ways made the rough way smooth.”

Bruce F. Baird, The Technical Manager: How to Manage People and Make Decisions (1983, Lifetime Learning Publications): "I especially wish to thank Lorraine Anderson, whose editorial and intellectual contributions have significantly improved the quality of presentation and content."

Guy Lefrancois, Psychology 2 ed. (1983, Wadsworth): “I am particularly grateful to . . . Lorraine Anderson, whose contributions as copy editor were far greater than I had a right to expect.”

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